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Our Biggest Hurdle to Improvement

What’s our biggest hurdle to improvement within our organizations? 

It’s information. 

Really, It’s the ability to genuinely and accurately know more.  That’s a fancy pants way of saying that it is learning – meaningful and deep learning about our operations.

We have an even fancier word for that in our little community of “doing things a bit differently” – we call that operational intelligence.  Operational Intelligence being this great, good, bad, ugly, and sometime scary information about how things normally get done within our organizations. 

It’s the ability to tap into this operational reality faced by those that get stuff done – to learn from those nearest to the work – the ability to gain this vitally needed operational intelligence, that gives our organizations more information to make better decisions.  It this ability to “know more” that allows us to improve the operational reality faced by people throughout our organizations, that allows us to improve the setting in which works takes place, that allows us to learn more about – and safeguard – our areas of critical risk.        

Our biggest hurdle to improvement?  It’s our ability to know more. 

Learning is the only real tool that we have to better our work worlds.  So many of the concepts, ideas, beliefs, and assumptions that we employ in Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) focus on creating an environment in which this learning is possible – an environment that allows us to know more.  It’s a focus on approaching things a bit differently, so we can clear the roadblocks to deep, meaningful, powerful learning and improvement.   

Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) focus on creating an environment in which this learning is possible – an environment that allows us to know more.

Sam Goodman

The HOP Nerd LLC



Sam Goodman is the founder and independent Human and Organizational Performance practitioner of The HOP Nerd LLC. He is the author of multiple books focused on Human & Organizational Performance, the safety of work, and the safety profession, and the host and producer of The HOP Nerd Podcast. Sam is an experienced safety and HOP practitioner, accomplished author, passionate speaker, and respected consultant and coach.

 With extensive experience in the field, Sam has worked with a diverse range of industries, including commercial nuclear generation, utilities, construction, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, transportation, and more. He has collaborated with numerous organizations to operationalize and embed HOP principles and techniques.

In addition to his consulting work, Sam is a prolific author, sharing his knowledge and insights through various publications. His latest book, the best-selling "10 Ideas to Make Safety Suck Less," has become a vital resource for professionals in the HOP field.

Sam offers the flexibility, passion, and know-how to help your organization begin, or go further on its HOP journey.     

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