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Human and Organizational Performance is a fundamental shift in how we view people


Sam can help you take your organizations efforts around learning and improvement to the next level.

The HOP Nerd LLC is an independent Human & Organizational Performance consultancy service offering flexibility, passion, and know-how to help your organization begin, or go further on its HOP journey.  Sam Goodman works with clients throughout industry - providing services to organizations operating in manufacturing, healthcare, construction, oil & gas, mining, power generation, utilities, and more - focusing on operationalizing HOP, improving safety, and creating sustainability along the way. 


At it's core, Human & Organizational Performance is a fundamental shift in how we view people – it is the move away from viewing people as a problem to be managed, and the shift towards viewing people as problem solvers.  HOP is an operating philosophy that teaches us that error is normal, blame fixes nothing, context drives behavior, learning is vital, how we react matters, and that organizational approaches and tactics counter to these beliefs often move us away from the so needed learnings we require to innovate and improve, and hinder our ability to be transformational leaders. 

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HOP IS Built on 5 key principles

Error is normal 

Blame fixes nothing

Context drives behavior 

Learning is vital

Leadership response matters

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Our Approach focuses on operationalizing  HOP through 10 actionable ideas...

Start from a place of trust

Do things with people

Learn deliberately & often from those nearest to the work

Pain points are starting points

Become obsessed with the things that matter

More tools, less rules

Stop trying to comply (or punish) your way to excellence

Redefine safe

Give up on "safety fortunetelling"

Embrace humanity 

What We Provide

Consulting & Strategy

Education & Training

Executive Coaching

Learning Teams

Post Event Learning


Safety Consultation

Ongoing Advisement

Speaking & Special Events

Special Projects & Bespoke Solutions



"O Nerd HOP"

Human and Organizational Performance Consultant

At the helm of The HOP Nerd LLC is its founder and consultant, Sam Goodman. With decades of experience in the field of safety, risk management, and performance improvement, Sam is a leading voice in Human and Organizational Performance. He holds a deep passion for empowering organizations to create safe and high-performing work environments.

Sam Goodman's journey into the world of HOP began when he recognized the limitations of traditional safety and performance management approaches. Determined to effect real change, he immersed himself in studying and applying HOP principles. Sam's unique combination of technical expertise, practical experience, and dedication to continuous learning has positioned him as a trusted advisor to numerous organizations across various industries.

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Litchfield Park, AZ

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