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Fundamentals training is a Human Organizational Performance leadership course that sets the stage for transformational change within your organization. Focusing on principles, terminology, methods, and much more, it serves as an introduction to HOP concepts. Sam offers group training along with one-on-one and small group HOP fundamentals mentoring.

Consulting & Mentoring

Sam can help you start and navigate your Human & Organizational Performance journey and facilitate the creation of internal human & organizational performance champions


Sam can help your organization on its HOP journey as a planning partner and consultant

Learning Teams

Learning team training will teach participants how to facilitate learning teams within your organization and covers the practical application of learning teams along with their long-term role in improving your organization.

Sam also facilitates learning teams and “coaches coaches” – acting as an external facilitator and further developing your organizations internal learning team facilitators.

Safety Team Building

Sam has a passion for creating strong and impactful safety teams - groups of practitioners focused on safety innovation and betterment.

Bespoke Projects

Sam offers a wide array of bespoke HOP services. Get into contact or book an introductory chat to see how Sam can help your organization on its Human and Organizational Performance journey…

Learning Explorations

Not sure where to start? Want to know how things are going? Sam can help your organization by facilitating Learning Explorations. Learning explorations are used to take a broad view of things like current organizational reality, lived experience, organizational stories and lore, effectiveness of overall approach, and other areas of interest.

Speaking & Events

From small group events to large corporate gatherings, Sam is a seasoned storyteller that can bring passion, excitement, and energy to your next company event or conference.

Trusted Advisor

Retain Sam as your trusted Human & Organizational Performance advisor - acting as an advisor, sounding board, and coach to help you on your HOP journey.

The 10 Ideas

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Sam's Approach


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