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What is HOP?

In all likelihood, if you are here, you are well acquainted with Human & Organizational Performance.  But let’s throw out a more formal definition:  HOP is an industrial operating philosophy that recognizes safety as an emergent quality of the larger system.  “Safety is not the absence of errors (error is normal), it's the presence of capacity” (Conklin).


Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) has 5 accompanying principles (Conklin):

  1. Error Is Normal

  2. Blame Fixes Nothing

  3. Learning is Vital

  4. Context Drives Behavior

  5. How We Respond Matters


If you’d like to take a deeper dive into the 5 principles, I would encourage you to check out Todd Conklin’s book: The 5 Principles of Human Performance here:

I really like to summarize this movement as this: “People are not the problem to control; people are the solution.” (Dekker) 

I would love to have a chat with you about how we can help bring Human and Organizational Performance to life in your organization.  Give me a call at 480-521-5893 or send me and email 

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