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10 Ideas

10 Ideas...

I call these concepts “ideas” in hopes that they are viewed as more of starting points, as vital areas of focus that deserve attention and deeper thought, attention, and exploration.

🟣Start from a Place of Trust

🟣Do Things with People

🟣Learn deliberately and often from those that GSD

🟣Pain Points are Starting Points

🟣Become Obsessed with the Things that (actually) Matter

🟣More Tools – Less Rules

🟣Stop Trying to Comply (or punish) Your Way to Excellence

🟣Redefine “Safe”

🟣Give up on Safety “Fortunetelling”

🟣Embrace Humanity

Ideas that - from my own experiences as a Human and Organizational Performance practitioner - help us move closer towards doing things "better."

Enjoy the free download of an overview of The 10 Ideas below. If you would like to partner to bring these ideas to life within you organization - to operationalize Human and Organizational Performance - reach out! or text/call me at 480-521-5893

10 Ideas Basics
Download PDF • 4.97MB

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