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Extreme Operational Curiosity

Human & Organizational Performance

Curiosity reigns supreme in our complex (and often complicated) work worlds...

Be curious.

Seek to understand.

We seek to learn from those that GSD (get shit done) because only they have true knowledge and experience of how things happen in real life – we are seeking to tap into lived reality.

Key idea: The people that do the work best understand the work...

They know where things work, where things just do not work, where they must make do, where they must stretch, where our systems underperform, create headache, or must be worked around.

Since we simply cannot understand the reality of work, we must deliberately seek to learn from those that do. We seek out this vital operational intelligence because we understand that people are the solution, and that we need to ask them what they need to be successful. Without this ‘looking glass’ into the reality of work within our organizations, we are practically operating blind.

Be curious, seek to understand, and go out and learn deliberately and often from those that GSD.

Below I have included a downloadable guide that offers several great starter questions to help you start your exploration of normal work.

Operationally Curious Questions
Download PDF • 817KB

Need a hand operationalizing Human & Organizational Performance in your organization?

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