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What is HOP?

Human & Organizational Performance is a fundamental shift in how we view people – it is the move away from viewing people as a problem to be managed, and the shift towards viewing people as problem solvers.  HOP teaches us that error is normal, blame fixes nothing, learning is vital, context drives behavior, how we react matters, and that organizational approaches and tactics counter to these beliefs often move us away from the so needed learnings we require to innovate and improve. Human and Organizational Performance is a fundamental shift in how we view people – that people are problem solvers – and the understanding that we must create systems of trust so that they can do just that.

about Sam

Sam Goodman is the founder and independent Human and Organizational Performance practitioner of The HOP Nerd LLC. He is the author of multiple books focused on the safety of work and the safety profession, and the host and producer of The HOP Nerd Podcast. Sam is an experienced safety and HOP practitioner, accomplished author, passionate speaker, and respected consultant and coach.


Sam has made it his life’s mission to “Make the World a Better Place to Work” by “bringing Human and Organizational Performance to life…”

Sam works with clients throughout industry, providing his services to organizations operating in manufacturing, healthcare, construction, oil & gas, mining, power generation, utilities, and more.  

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