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Starting Points: Operationally Curious Questions ™

Curiosity reigns supreme in our complex – and often complicated – work worlds.  Starting Points: Operationally Curious Questions ™ is a collection of operationally curious “icebreakers” designed to assist leaders (and more) with gaining operational intelligence – AKA learning about normal work.   

Pull a card off the top, pick one at random, or shuffle them up, and then allow your curiosity to run wild.  These ‘operationally curious questions’ are designed to act as starting points for deep and meaningful operational learning conversations.  Use them during your next team meeting, pick a few before heading into the field, or use them in any situation where you would like to learn deeply about normal work.   

50 cards... a world of learning opportunities.

Spanish, French, German, Arabic, & Portuguese Versions are Coming Soon!

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A learning journal for Human & Organizational Performance

Starting Points: An Operationally Curious Learning Journal ™

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