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Show Companion 7/11/22

Hello, Howdy, Hi!

Welcome to this weeks show notes for The HOP Nerd Podcast.

I hope that you have had an amazing week so far. I have been traveling for most of it, doing some learning teams and talking Human and Organizational Performance. As much as I love it, it's always nice to be home!

In addition to all of the work-related travel and activities, we are in the middle of planning for our wedding and vacation in Kauai next month - I'll be sure to update everyone with pictures after our big day (even though I might get beat up by the "not LinkedIn appropriate" police 🤣).

Speaking of traveling...

I am quickly filling up my calendar for the remainder of the year (it's already starting to spill into 2023). So, if you are in need of HOP Fundamentals, learning team support, consulting, speaking, or any of the other stuff I LOVE to help out with, cruise on over to HOP Help | The HOP Nerd and get in touch. Or book some time directly on my calendar for a quick 30-minute intro chat at The HOP Nerd Catch Up (

I do not have a lot to say about this weeks episode other than simply stating that fact that it is a MUST LISTEN!

This week I spent time chatting with the AWESOME Elisa Lynch (be sure to follow Elisa and check out the various other podcasts she has been featured on such as Rebranding Safety and The Practice of Learning Teams)! What a great conversation! We touch on a little bit of everything in this casual conversation between safety/HOP practitioners... from getting into the profession to bringing HOP to life within your organization as a safety pro, and a lot of various other bits in-between. Check it out and let me know your thoughts at

Until next time,

Sam Goodman - "The HOP Nerd"

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