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[VIDEO] Blame is easy, but it doesn't make things better.

In todays HOP minute, Sam explores the topic of blame within our work worlds...

Human & Organizational Performance Principle: Blame Fixes Nothing

"Blame is easy, but it doesn't make things any better. It's time to break free from the easy trap of blame, and seek out learning and improving over retribution." Sam Goodman, The HOP Nerd LLC

Discover the power of Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) with expert training, advisement, and consulting from The HOP Nerd LLC. Join Sam Goodman and his team of learning experts to unlock the potential of Learning Teams and optimize performance. Explore our comprehensive blog post for invaluable insights and strategies in HOP, training, and organizational excellence.

More about Sam:

At the helm of The HOP Nerd LLC is its founder and chief consultant, Sam Goodman. With two decades of experience in the field of safety, risk management, and performance improvement, Sam is a leading expert in Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) methodologies. He holds a deep passion for empowering organizations to create safe and high-performing work environments. Sam Goodman's journey into the world of HOP began when he recognized the limitations of traditional safety and performance management approaches. Determined to effect real change, he immersed himself in studying and applying HOP principles. Sam's unique combination of technical expertise, practical experience, and dedication to continuous learning has positioned him as a trusted advisor to numerous organizations across various industries. Sam works with clients throughout industry - providing services to organizations operating in manufacturing, healthcare, construction, oil & gas, mining, power generation, utilities, and more - focusing on operationalizing HOP and creating sustainability along the way. In addition to his consulting work, Sam is a prolific author, sharing his knowledge and insights through various publications. His latest book, the best-selling "10 Ideas to Make Safety Suck Less," has become a vital resource for professionals in the HOP field. Additionally, his best-selling Starting Points: Operationally Curious Questions™ - a collection of operationally curious “icebreakers” designed to act as starting points for deep and meaningful operational learning conversations - has become a crucial resource for leaders around the globe.

About The HOP Nerd LLC:

The HOP Nerd LLC is a forward-thinking consulting firm specializing in Human and Organizational Performance. With extensive experience in the field, Sam has worked with a diverse range of industries, including commercial nuclear generation, utilities, construction, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, transportation, and more. He has collaborated with numerous organizations to operationalize and embed HOP principles and techniques. The HOP Nerd LLC offers a wide range of services, including Human & Organizational Performance Consulting, Learning Teams, education, assessments, learning reviews and analysis, leadership development, and performance improvement strategies. By leveraging learning methodologies and innovative approaches, The HOP Nerd LLC helps organizations enhance safety, reliability, and overall performance. In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, organizations are increasingly realizing the importance of Human and Organizational Performance to achieve high levels of success. One company at the forefront of this movement is The HOP Nerd LLC, a groundbreaking consulting firm founded and led by Sam Goodman. With a deep understanding of Human & Organizational Performance (HOP), The HOP Nerd LLC is transforming how businesses approach safety, productivity, culture, and more. The HOP Nerd LLC: A Commitment to Excellence: The HOP Nerd LLC, headquartered in Litchfield Park, Arizona, is an innovative consulting firm specializing in operationalizing HOP principles. The company's core mission is to help organizations build resilience, enhance safety, and improve overall performance through a holistic and human-centric approach. By addressing the underlying factors that shape employee behaviors and organizational culture, The HOP Nerd LLC enables businesses to achieve sustainable success. Learn more about Sam Goodman and The HOP Nerd LLC at

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