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Blame | Choosing to know less

Let's be real. Blame feels really good. Blame feels great, it's easy, it feels like we're really doing something, and it really feels like the right thing to do! But when we choose the path of blame....

Blame fixes nothing.

Blame is just not curative; it doesn’t actually make things any better.   And, it often only meets hurt with more hurt, driving our organizations to become quieter and quieter over time – to become silent – depriving us of the raw and real information that we need to make good operational decisions. 

Blame wastes our precious resources. Blame and learning move in opposite directions, they are opposing strategies.   While, of course, we can always choose the path of blame, we must also understand that by choosing blame we are almost always choosing to know less. 

Feeling that need to lash out and blame? Give this a shot.

Sam Goodman | Consultant | To me, at the core of it all, Human and Organizational Performance is a fundamental shift in how we view people.

Sam Goodman

The HOP Nerd LLC



Sam Goodman is the founder and independent Human and Organizational Performance practitioner of The HOP Nerd LLC. He is the author of multiple books focused on Human & Organizational Performance, the safety of work, and the safety profession, and the host and producer of The HOP Nerd Podcast. Sam is an experienced safety and HOP practitioner, accomplished author, passionate speaker, and respected consultant and coach.

 With extensive experience in the field, Sam has worked with a diverse range of industries, including commercial nuclear generation, utilities, construction, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, transportation, and more. He has collaborated with numerous organizations to operationalize and embed HOP principles and techniques.

In addition to his consulting work, Sam is a prolific author, sharing his knowledge and insights through various publications. His latest book, the best-selling "10 Ideas to Make Safety Suck Less," has become a vital resource for professionals in the HOP field.

Sam offers the flexibility, passion, and know-how to help your organization begin, or go further on its HOP journey.     

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